ExtraHop Training

Become an ExtraHop power user! We recommend you start with this video, then dive into the Basic User Certification and follow along in the online demo. Issues? Contact us at certification@extrahop.com

Before you can start monitoring the audit log, you need to configure it. Here is how. Read More

In ExtraHop, time is critical. Learn how to configure the system time and the time zone on your appliance, so you know exactly when events occur. Read More

Set up and use remote access to your ExtraHop physical appliance. Launch the virtual console and use it to perform basic admin tasks. Read More

ExtraHop uses SSL certificates both for controlling access to the Web and Admin UI, and for decrypting traffic. Learn how to configure your appliance to use both. Read More

This module outlines how to copy existing charted data to new or existing dashboards. Read More

Learn how to get started creating a dashboard. Read More

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