ExtraHop Training

Become an ExtraHop power user! If you're new here, the ExtraHop Concepts learning path is a great place to start. You can find the full collection of essential training for new users in the Basics category.

An introduction to the mechanism for tuning the ExtraHop platform to perform the highest level of analysis on your most critical assets. Duration 5 min Read More

This module explains the function of text box widgets and how to create them on your dashboards. Read More

An introduction to how the ExtraHop platform can be set up to store and retrieve individual transactions as records.     Duration 3 min Read More

In this module, you'll learn how to explore records in the ExtraHop web UI. Read More

This course will show you how to investigate a data exfiltration detection using the Reveal(x) platform for Network Traffic Analysis for the enterprise. You'll learn how to go from detecting data exfiltration to examining the behaviors of a suspicious endpoint, right down to accessing the specific packets that were exfiltrated in just a few minutes. To try out this workflow and many others, visit our live online demo environment. Read More

This module provides an overview of security detections and their anatomy, and how they can be used to investigate interesting behaviors in your environment.  Read More

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