ExtraHop Training

Become an ExtraHop power user! If you're new here, the ExtraHop Concepts learning path is a great place to start. You can find the full collection of essential training for new users in the Basics category.

An introduction to the mechanism for integrating the ExtraHop platform with other tools and technology. Duration 3 min Read More

An introduction to the different type of metrics created by the ExtraHop platform. Read More

This module provides basic instructions for reviewing and drilling down on metric data using the ExtraHop web UI. Read More

A trigger that performs poorly can tax your system unnecessarily. Learn to use the optimization techniques to make radical improvements. Read More

This module explains how to organize your dashboards so that you can easily locate and review the data that matters most.  Read More

An introduction to how the ExtraHop platform can be set up to capture and retrieve packets.     Duration 3 min Read More

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