ExtraHop Training

Become an ExtraHop power user! If you are new to ExtraHop, the ExtraHop Concepts learning path is a great place to start learning about ExtraHop's cutting edge technology and the power of the platform.


Create, test, and deploy a basic trigger using the ExtraHop trigger interface. Read More


An introduction to creating custom metrics from your wire data.   Duration 3 min Read More


An introduction to the infrastructure components that drive the unified ExtraHop user interface.   Duration 4 min Read More


An introductory overview of the ExtraHop platform and workflows.     Duration - 3 min Read More


An introduction to the mechanism for integrating the ExtraHop platform with other tools and technology. Duration 3 min Read More


An introduction to the different type of metrics created by the ExtraHop platform. Read More

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