ExtraHop Training

Become an ExtraHop power user! If you're new here, the ExtraHop Concepts learning path is a great place to start. You can find the full collection of essential training for new users in the Basics category.

An introduction to the ExtraHop platform's technical architecture and capability around wire data processing and auto-discovery. Duration 3 min Read More

For security reasons, we recommend that you change your admin password immediately. Here's how. Read More

Learn how to add multiple sources to dashboard charts Read More

Before you can start monitoring the audit log, you need to configure it. Here is how. Read More

In ExtraHop, time is critical. Learn how to configure the system time and the time zone on your appliance, so you know exactly when events occur. Read More

Set up and use remote access to your ExtraHop physical appliance. Launch the virtual console and use it to perform basic admin tasks. Read More

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